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Keith du Plessis

Principal Consultant

Keith du Plessis spent seven years in broadcasting, during which time he was part of the team that re-positioned, re-branded and re-launched one of South Africa’s national radio stations. That experience gave him valuable insight into change management and transitioning leadership.

Relevant Training Experience:

Keith works with leaders in east Africa, south east Asia and Europe, speaks at seminars and conferences in a number of these nations and is at home in addressing public groups of diverse sizes and settings. His experience in the broadcast media enables him to prepare/train executives to face media interviews, while his public speaking experience of over thirty years can assist anyone in management to be a competent public communicator. Keith is as comfortable working in a coaching role one on one as he is with leadership teams. His key interests are future foresight, understanding generational changes and demands, developing teams, strategic planning, and public speaking. He is dedicated to helping people find their “right fit”, to developing leaders, and to enabling leaders to understand the times they live in and what they need to do in those times.

Professional Qualifications:

Masters in Theology

Focal Areas:

  •  Leadership Development & Consulting.
  • Trend Analysis and Understanding Generations.
  • Strategic Thinking.
  • Media Consulting.
  • Writing & Communication.
  • Training & Facilitating.
  • Public Speaking