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January 2021
Brough Leadership
Brough Leadership
Brough Leadership
Brough Leadership

Leadership Development

About Leadership Development

Leadership: The engine room that powers overall organizational effectiveness. These courses are designed specifically from the basis of principled leadership and offered in a way that will facilitate effective Leadership in the 21st century. Whilst BLI is able to offer individual, stand-alone leadership development short courses, our most effective work involves the following process:

1. Extensive preliminary in-company needs analysis

Creating a Culture of Execution

Tom Peters is famous for saying, "Execution is strategy. Strategy is execution." In a turbulent market, those companies that are able to effectively execute on strategy have a far greater chance of success. The Wall Street Journal Guide to Management (2009) noted that successful execution requires:

1. Clear goals that support the overall strategy

2. A means of measuring progress towards these goals on a  regular basis 

3. Clear accountability for that progress..

Leadership of the Heart, Head and Hands

John Nicholls (1994) proposed that leadership skills be considered from the basis of inspirational leadership (the heart), strategic leadership (the head), and supervisory leadership (of the hands). In all three cases, leadership is about the effect of the leader on people, individually or collectively, in relation to their environment.

Leadership Excellence

Full Range Transformational Leadership

Increase productivity by effectively managing and leading your staff towards a common goal!

This training course has been specially designed to meet the needs of senior supervisors to executive managers. 

There are many different styles and functions of leaders, which require different skills and personality types.  There are however six competencies or qualities that research indicates are essential for any leader to be truly effective over a sustained period of time.  These are:


Springbok Rugby: Leadership Lessons for SA

In the warm afterglow of the Springbok victory in the 2019 Rugby World Cup, it is all too easy to jump on the bandwagon of armchair experts and wax lyrical. However, the stark contrast between the national euphoria around this victory and the reality of day-to-day life for the majority of South Africans cannot go unnoticed. On the back of a Medium-term budget speech that confirmed SA national debt exceeds R3 trillion (expected to rise to R4.5 trillion in the next three years) and a Moody’s credit rating downgrade from stable to negative, good news is in short supply.

Leadership and Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

For many organisations,  Emotional Intelligence (EI or EQ)  is becoming the core of people skills competencies and management development.

The Emotionally Intelligent Leader has the following attributes:

The Leader as Coach

The business world has seen an explosion of coaches over the past 10 years. This is an industry that, at the end of 2009, employed roughly 44000 people and generated over two billion US dollars in revenue annually. 

Professional Business Writing

This course is aimed at equipping learners with the skills to make the written word come alive. The topics covered include:

  • Communication (writing in context)
  • Why Write (choosing the best medium)
  • Sharing and Feedback (opening up communication)
  • Communicating for Results
  • Writing in a Business Context
  • Language
  • Words - What do they Mean?
  • Editing
  • Readibility of Texts - Fog Index
  • Practical Exercises



Media Interaction Excellence

This programme is designed specifically for those who have to interact with the media. The course will make you more aware of how well you interact with the TV and radio interviews and the print media.  The idea is to give you some insight into what media is looking for during an interview and how you can build confidence even when you are under the spotlight or in front of the microphone.