Leadership Development

  • Leadership: The engine room that powers overall organizational effectiveness. These courses are designed specifically from the basis of principled leadership and offered in a way that will facilitate effective Leadership in the 21st century. Whilst BLI is able to offer individual, stand-alone leadership development short courses, our most effective work involves the following process:

    1. Extensive preliminary in-company needs analysis

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  • Full Range Transformational Leadership

    Increase productivity by effectively managing and leading your staff towards a common goal!

    This training course has been specially designed to meet the needs of senior supervisors to executive managers. 

    There are many different styles and functions of leaders, which require different skills and personality types.  There are however six competencies or qualities that research indicates are essential for any leader to be truly effective over a sustained period of time.  These are:


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  • The art of effectively guiding the process of group communication.

    An expert facilitator simply weaves the various facets of the discussion together. This is done in order to help an often diverse group reach better understanding on what might be varied points of view.

    Usually there is a predetermined outcome, although facilitation can also be about integrating a wide range of perspectives to arrive at a totally new conclusion. Facilitation has been described as a SERVICE to others.


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  • Who will benefit from the programme?

    • Managers at all levels


    All people working in businesses and organisations within South Africa have a common goal to minimise costs, and maximise profits for the company. Information in the form of financial statements containing the facts and figures are produced by professional accountants.

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  • Interpersonal Excellence is a programme that equips individuals to interact socially in the corporate context. Using a combination of principles drawn from the arena of emotional and social intelligence, delegates are provided with greater insight into how to develop empathy, co-operation and more effective interpersonal connections. 

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  • For many organisations,  Emotional Intelligence (EI or EQ)  is becoming the core of people skills competencies and management development.

    The Emotionally Intelligent Leader has the following attributes:

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  • This programme is designed specifically for those who have to interact with the media. The course will make you more aware of how well you interact with the TV and radio interviews and the print media.  The idea is to give you some insight into what media is looking for during an interview and how you can build confidence even when you are under the spotlight or in front of the microphone. 

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  • This workshop has been offered for many years in communities, churches and in partnership with the NGO sector. One of the most powerful principles that people can learn is the role that they play in breaking the cycle of poverty and the debt trap. This has nothing to do with income and everything to do with your attitude to money in the first place. Some of the key areas of this high impact programme include:

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  • In recent years, Performance Management has taken on very negative connotations. In many companies that we consult for, we hear managers saying that, due to a lack of results, an individual is being "put into performance management" as if this is some kind of solitary confinement, quickfire punishment or precursor to an exit strategy. 

    This programme aims to give Performance management its rightful place in the organizational development process. 

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  • This two-day programme on presentation skills is aimed at providing you with insight into the dynamics of effective presentation. The techniques can be applied in situations of providing information, motivating and inspiring staff, or selling services and products. The course focuses on both the design and delivery aspects of presentation and provides learners with the practical environment for expert assessment and feedback. On the greatest fears that individuals have is the fear of public speaking or being called on to give a presentation.

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  • This course is aimed at equipping learners with the skills to make the written word come alive. The topics covered include:

    • Communication (writing in context)
    • Why Write (choosing the best medium)
    • Sharing and Feedback (opening up communication)
    • Communicating for Results
    • Writing in a Business Context
    • Language
    • Words - What do they Mean?
    • Editing
    • Readibility of Texts - Fog Index
    • Practical Exercises



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    The organisational leader who is serious about building stakeholder relationships will soon discover that effective and strategically aligned stakeholder engagement can:

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  • Principles Of Strategic Planning

    Strategic Planning is a process of working through a set of key principles in order to determine new direction and specific plans on how to achieve that direction.  This process assists in decision making on both the macro and micro scale in an organization. 

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  • The business world has seen an explosion of coaches over the past 10 years. This is an industry that, at the end of 2009, employed roughly 44000 people and generated over two billion US dollars in revenue annually. 

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    Much has been written and taught on time management. The new thinking around time is that we don't manage time, but rather navigate our way through the equal path of time that each of us had been allotted. This one day programme is designed: 

    • To identify your Time Navigation strengths and weaknesses
    • To expose you to the following elements of Time Navigation:


    Time Navigation Elements 

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