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Finance Excellence for Non-Financial Managers

Who will benefit from the programme?

  • Managers at all levels


All people working in businesses and organisations within South Africa have a common goal to minimise costs, and maximise profits for the company. Information in the form of financial statements containing the facts and figures are produced by professional accountants.

This highly intensive 2 day course, “Finance for non-financial managers” has been developed with the aim of providing non-financial managers with the basics of finance necessary to interact effectively with the company's accountants. The course is designed to help participants to use this information to make better, informed decisions within a business or department or area of responsibility. The course will also provide an overview of what accountants do, and how to read and understand the reports that they generate.



  • Introduction to Financial Terms and Jargon
  • Overview of accounting methods, why they are used and how
  • In-depth review of the Balance Sheet and Income Statement
  • How to draw conclusions and trends from Financial Statements using ratio and comparative analyses
  • The role and methodology behind different Costs and Costing
  • The effect of Pricing on Profitability, and various Pricing Strategies
  • Investigation into the importance of Cashflow and Working Capital
  • Guide to the Preparation of Budgets (both operational and capital)
  • Methods of Managing and Monitoring budgets
  • Evaluation of Projects from a Financial Perspective
  • Application of Financial Knowledge to improve the business
  • Principles of taxation